Rainbow Bread

I realise with some trepidation that this is some sort of historical week in the world in terms of what a RAINBOW may represent and that my post may be met with some anticipation as to which side I’m on. I assure you that I posted this before the historical ruling took place in the US of A, and that it was merely and genuinely a coincidence that I had decided to bake a loaf of Rainbow bread.

As for taking sides–the beauty of blogging is perhaps being able to say and publish pretty much what one wants without fear of judgement, and I’ll have to admit that I still believe God’s original design for marriage is between a man and a woman as per Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis. Having said that, I do believe that anyone with an opposing view from this original design of marriage should practice what they preach and similarly keep an open mind–in doing so, try to discover the truth about what the Bible says about marriage, in order to understand the source of any believer’s objections with living an alternative lifestyle which is contrary to the word of God.

Whoever you may be reading this–and regardless of your views, I pray that you will be living a life of joy and peace. I believe Jesus died for each of us regardless of sexual orientation and that we each have a free will to choose to believe in Him, or not. I am personally not homophobic but do hope to see gay people come to know Jesus, and see His final word on the subject of marriage, truth and freedom, for themselves.

I have no wish to turn my blog into a forum on political or religious controversy. However this is a historical event so huge that as a writer, ignoring it on a ‘Rainbow’Bread post specifically this week almost is a sacrilege to responsible online journalism of various types, blogs inclusive? Blessings to all!


Blog posts are mainly for readers and not for bloggers to post their personal dramas. At least not the kind that I would think readers bother to read unless I was Kim Kardashian. Well, I’m documenting the following mini drama not to bore anyone but as a prelude to this cheerer-upper post on ‘Rainbow bread’! It’s all going to ‘gel in the end’, and it’s…well, let’s just say, pertinent to the plot. Trust me and kindly bear with me. I promise there’s a point to all this!

Rainbow Bread outofman.com
Rainbow Bread

Rainbow Bread outofman.com
Rainbow Bread

Rainbow Bread outofman.com
Rainbow Bread

This week has been a short week. There had been a string of bad news, good news, bad news and good again, and then more GOOD it is. It all opens with my catastrophe on Tuesday this week when my two-year old ‘still-rather-newish-car’ chose to die on me just moments before I had to leave to pick my daughter up from school. As I pressed the start button and brakes, the engine neighed for seconds and then gave up the ghost.

A red icon popped up on my dashboard that looked pretty much to me like a genie’s magic lamp with a drop of oil. Well I wish. Was it time to use up one of my three wishes? Unfortunately, it was more like having to scream, “HELLPPP MEEEEE. YOU CANNOT DIE ON ME NOW. NO, NOT NOW PLEASE, NOT NOWWW!!!” I muttered a prayer and tried again. It’s not happening. My God is not answering. The darned ‘genie lamp’ lights up again as if mocking me. I think I have a hunch it’s trying to tell me I have a croaked battery. Just great. I have no friend to call and no magic wish to rely on. The only audience? A four-year-old at the back seat whinging away, restless and repeating like a broken record, “Are we going to school yet, mummy?”

slices of rainbow   outofman.com
slices of rainbow

Did I leave the car on overnight? I can’t be certain though it’s not like me at all to be so careless. Wait, my boy had a meltdown yesterday from a spider sighting in the garage, so he may have been a possible distraction. Anyway, there was little time to waste. Time to call the husband to go the daughter’s rescue while I had to wait patiently and calmly for an RACQ truck to arrive, for mine.

Sigh. Bad news. Turns out that I DID have a flat battery and the test run showed that my battery needed replacing after running the good race. Well, here’s the part I promised! My car service was due in two days. Had the service centre found my battery needing replacement, it would have cost me about three hundred bucks. Ah. But the beauty was in the perfect timing of its very demise on Tuesday afternoon, at 2.15pm. The RACQ bloke tells I needed my battery replaced. Just as I was about to hand him my credit card, he waves it away, telling me it was ‘all good’ because my car manufacturer was covering it under warranty. WOO HOO! I could have punched the air. He also tells me that I had a rare battery type (in a tone like I had a rare blood type) and he ‘just so happened’ to have the stock in his van at that precise moment. “You are a lucky lady,” he grinned. Gosh. You see, we do sometimes have to put up with a bit of rain so as to see the rainbow.

colours...more colours outofman.com
colours…more colours

At the end my daughter arrived home safely with her daddy (good news), but fell sick with the flu on Tuesday evening (bad). In addition to having to service the car today, a sickly child meant also meant the school term break has come early this week! Relief (good). She’s on the mend now and it’s hurrah and hallelujah, all’s well that ends well (all good).

To cheer up a snotty and coughing little girl who is miserable, I made this colourful rainbow bread today. And you know how it goes…it worked like a dream of course. If only you could see the look of wonder and amazement on her face. I am convinced I do learn so much more from my kids than I could ever teach them. Like finding the simple joys of life and choosing to be happy about the most trivial yet the most obvious aspects of everyday life. No matter what dramas we face in adulthood, my kids show me in little ways that life is worth living. As it is often said—nothing like some rain in order to get a rainbow. A lesson and note to self for the week.

happiness is in a rainbow outofman.com
happiness is in a rainbow

And you know what else? I bet it takes so much to impress the prominent Ms Kardashian that it’s unlikely she could ever get excited about something as ordinary as rainbow bread. Or rainbow sightings. (It can be tough to spot rainbows if you’re perpetually behind large sunglasses and ducking for cover from the paparazzi. Besides, bling and cash can be terribly distracting). Rainbow bread? I bet she’s on a zero carbs diet. Well, of all the luxuries in life available to celebrities like her, it may well be one of those things they find themselves unable to enjoy. It can be nice just to be regular Jane. Let’s deeply cherish our ordinary lives, people. Ordinary can be sweet and it can stand for happy, like this bread.
Rainbow Bread outofman.com
Rainbow Bread

I have used my softest white bread recipe, which is my Japanese milk bread recipe to construct my rainbow bread. The only difference was in the tinting. You’re welcome, do have yourselves a nice weekend. It’s raining out there, but…you know what’s coming.

Ingredients for Rainbow Bread:
1/2 C full cream milk (warmed slightly)
1/3 C thickened cream (warmed slightly)
1 large free range egg, beaten (room temp)
1 tsp salt
3 TB sugar
2 C + 1/4 C all-purpose flour
1 TB milk powder
1 tsp yeast
Gel food colours, for tinting dough

Directions for Rainbow Bread:

Add the above ingredients (wet first then the dry) into your bread machine and select the dough cycle. Once done, tip the risen dough out onto your floured working surface and divide the dough into the number of portions you wish to tint with colour. (I divided mine into 8 portions = 8 colours) Sprinkle more added flour to knead in, once you start adding the colours individually. I used the following 8 colours, so I divided my dough into 8 equal portions:

Orange (red+yellow)

To tint dough, using a toothpick, dab a little gel colour onto each ball of dough. Knead till the colours are all incorporated and evenly mixed in, giving a uniform shade.

Find 8 bowls and transfer each coloured dough into each bowl and wrap with cling film, let rise for a second time.

Once ready, using a rolling pin, roll each coloured dough ball into a rectangle.
Layer one of top of the other according to the colours you prefer. Then roll, beginning from the long side—as if you are rolling a long log of swiss roll.

Flour a large loaf pan and transfer the rolled log into this. Wrap over with cling film and let rise again for the third time in a warm humid place for about 30 minutes. I again used my oven—the warmest most humid place in my house! Once it has doubled in size, bake in a 170℃ oven (fan-forced) for 25 minutes.

Remove bread from the oven and let it cool on a rack. It’s time to make a nice glaze for it!

2 TB butter (warm to melt)
2 TB milk
1 TB icing sugar (melted in the butter)

Brush over the top of the bread for a sweet crust. Enjoy!

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