DIY Cork board Mobile – In The Clouds Above

There are some childhood fantasies that never cease. Like living amongst the fluffy white clouds. Or travelling the world via hot air balloon, in my fantasy of Jules Verne’s ‘Around The World In 80 Days’, one of my favourite classic books of all time. Interestingly, unlike the film or book cover illustrations—I don’t recall the book itself ever featuring the wealthy and eccentric Phileas Fogg travelling in a ‘hot air balloon’ in his adventurous feat to traipse round the globe in eighty days, hmmn. All the same, travelling in a hot air balloon around the world has always remained my fantasy, only next to a magical ride on the cottony clouds looking down below me, where the world would be going about its usual business, oblivious to my sky-sailing voyage as I soared by.

In The Clouds Above
In The Clouds Above

‘In The Clouds Above’ is my week’s DIY project to remind myself of the down time I need to get away from the world and its business…the ME time I need to wind down, daydream, rest and find my peace and quiet.

original corkboard & scrapbook paper
original corkboard & scrapbook paper


DIY Cork board Mobile – In The Clouds Above
I picked up this die-cut cork board in the shape of a cloud from TYPO and got working. I could’ve left it bare but how much more fun is the end result? I painted it a monochromatic blue, then attached ‘hot air balloons’ and ‘airplanes’ from it like a dangly mobile.

It now hangs on my craft studio wall as a ‘tangible Pinterest board’ not only for pinning swatches and little cutouts of instant inspiration to help me dream and create, but serves as a daily reminder to escape, retreat and recharge. When I do so, I maintain my sanity as I run a frenetic home life raising two energetic kids in addition to balancing social interaction with others as well as write for work and leisure.

Here’re some of my favourite Cloud Quotes:

“There’s something beautiful about keeping certain aspects of your life hidden. Maybe people and clouds are beautiful because you can’t see everything.”
― Kamenashi Kazuya

“There was a star riding through clouds one night, & I said to the star, ‘Consume me’.”
― Virginia Woolf, The Waves

“Like the kite that caught up to the sky,
painted with clouds, I lost track of it,
but it was connected by string, something I was holding,
something I could always
bring back.”
― Kelli Russell Agodon, Hourglass Museum

In The Clouds Above
In The Clouds Above

1 cork board (cloud shaped)
satin ribbon (2.5mm) 1.6 metres (cut into 4 strips)
20 hot air balloons (glued double-sided)
6 x airplanes (glued onto circles)
6 x birds, assorted (glued onto small circles)
10 x small glitter pearlescent white circles (glued double-sided,1.5” diameter)
8 x large glitter pearlescent white circles (glued double-sided,1.75” diameter)
Cricut die cut shapes (girl silhouettes x 4)
glue gun
acrylic paints (Ultra Blue and Titanium White)

Directions for DIY Cork board Mobile – In The Clouds Above :
1. Paint cork board with acrylic paints, let dry overnight or for at least 6 hours.
2. Divide and cut ribbon length into 4 strips.
3. Glue circles of the same size together.
4. Attach using a glue gun—the airplanes onto the large circles. Attach the birds onto the small circles. Attach a pair of matching hot air balloon shapes with the right sides facing front.
5. Hot glue to the ribbon strip in the following order:
small circle, hot air balloon, large circle, hot air balloon, girl silhouette, hot air balloon alternately with about an inch of space between each shape.
6. Hot glue the strips of ribbon to the back of the cloud cork board.

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