Real Mothers Day Cards

I can’t quite decide if this is one of my ‘Make Art’ craft posts, ‘Write’ or ‘Think’ posts. So I guess it’s going to be all three. It’s Mothers Day this Sunday and it’s that time of year like Christmas when you ponder in your heart what would be some nice words you could put down on a piece of card to thank your mum, grandmother, mother-in-law, godmother, aunt or some motherly figure in your life. Words don’t come easy and most of the cards I browsed at in the bookstores and newsagents just lacked that connection I need. Actually I can hardly remember when was the last time I bought a greeting card. Being an art and crafter I have enough stash to make me a whole Hallmark store and when I do look at greeting cards at all, they serve only as inspiration.

Back to what I was saying earlier about ‘finding that connection’ i.e. a card with words that are ‘spot on’ in saying exactly what I was feeling. So many cards sugarcoat a Mothers Day greeting, which is lovely and everything but just a little too cliche for me. Of course it’s the right thing to do, sending the special women in your life a beautiful card that tells them how wonderful they’ve been, except, most women know that our relationships with our mums especially can be a complex thing and sometimes these commercial greeting cards just don’t quite nail it. In the end, mum probably appreciates your card but might wonder about the sincerity of your words.

Instead, I have a suggestion for us all. This year, sit down and handwrite mum a card that genuinely tells her what you wish to say from your heart and mean it. It’s what I would want my kids to do for me when they are old enough to write me cards. None of that sugarcoated confetti and rainbow sprinkles. Not unless that’s what our relationship has always been.

I’ve dreamt up some scenarios for which the following Mothers Day greetings could be appropriate in some relationships. Obviously the card I’ve written to my own mum will not be posted here for privacy reasons but my point is to encourage people to ‘get real’ with what they feel without being hurtful or disrespectful (to whomever you’re sending a card to!)yet be able to speak their minds and to send mum a card that tells her how you feel about your relationship and, if that relationship is tumultuous–do try to incorporate some sort of hopeful view of its future! She’s your mum, regardless of all things past and present. Am I speaking to some people here?!

Meanwhile, I’ve handcrafted three cards; two with a vintage theme, to share with you.

Scrapbook paper
Embossing powders
Heat gun
Alphabet stamps ‘M, U’
Self-adhesive diamante studs
Glitter stickers
Card stock
Versa Magic Ink Stamps
Distress Inks
Washi Tape
Butcher’s Twine

mothers day cards handmade
mothers day cards
Sewing Retro Theme (removable bookmark)
Sewing Retro Theme
(removable bookmark)
floral vintage card
floral vintage card
owl and arrow frame glitter card
owl and arrow frame glitter card

Suggestions for ‘Real’ Mothers Day Cards:

Dear Mum

I know you may not approve of all my choices in life
But I thank you for loving me
I know sometimes the way I act
Makes it hard for anyone to love me
But I thank you for not giving up on me

With much love this Mothers Day.

Dear Mum
I often wonder if the reason we seem to disagree so much
Is because we’re more alike than we care to acknowledge
I wonder if maybe it’s like trying to balance
on two right legs or two lefts
Maybe if we understood this
We’ll stop hurting from falling and
Struggling so hard to find our balance
If I have all your traits
then the best mentor for me would be you
Thank you for accepting me for who I am
Like how you’d accept yourself
Happy Mothers Day. I love you.

Dear Mum
We’re not a family of huggers and kissers
But we’re a family of doers.
Everything you do is how you’ve always shown us your love
Everything we haven’t done enough for you
We regret
Everything we want to say is more than
we can put down into words
You’re loved more than you’ve been told
And cherished more than you’ve been shown

Happy Mothers Day, we are so blessed
you’re ours.
All our love.

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