Summer Splash! fondant cake

With our balmy summer gone I’m hankering for a ‘no longer still-humid autumn’ but not holding my breath any time soon. That’s how resigned I am these days to the oddities of our Brisbane weather which could make me forget I’m no longer even in tropical Asia! A couple of nights ago the mercury registered 17 degrees and we had to turn off our air-con past midnight. This was the same day it was 31 degrees when I picked up my hot and sweaty little girl from school at 3pm. We went home for ice lollies! I certainly didn’t get the memo when Brisbane turned into Melbourne.

splash! mini cake
splash! mini cake

Help her make a splash!
Help her make a splash!

Ready for a pool party
Ready for a pool party

Won’t you agree that a 29 degree autumn day is no autumn at all? So for me it was cause for celebration today as the skies went from sunny to dark and God turned the lights off at 10 am mid-morning to turn on the showers. A welcome cool relief. Like a prayer we wait for to be answered and while waiting, we get spurts of encouragement to never give up on what we hope for.

Anyway, here’s a summer cake for a tween or teen I baked and decorated a while ago for my niece’s 13th birthday that I thought to share before autumn finally makes its…real entrance. Reminds me we have to take the kids to White Water World before all the fun in the sun is gone! Our last swim perhaps! Well yes, it’s good to make the best out of whatever season you’ve got, even if you’re not a big fan of summer like me yet it’s the best time to make a splash!
Make your last ‘summer’ splash count! while you still can!

Summer Splash! fondant cake elements:

5″ mini cake tin
numeric cookie cutters
mini daisy cutter (with pearl cachou)–flower in hair
summer ‘thongs’ mould
(‘skin’) ochre gel colour tint
scrapbook paper (to cover cake board)

Kat’s Notes:Her hands and feet were ‘individually’ attached into the cake using dry spaghetti.
The illusion you get is that she’s immersed in the water when the arms are positioned just slightly behind her head.

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