Wooden Bead Necklace with scrapbook paper

Wooden Bead Necklace with scrapbook paper
Some women love bling. I’m talking serious bling so dazzling it blinds you. From sparkly diamonds to shiny bright gold, jewellery is the ultimate female adornment since time immemorial. We accessorise not just to beautify, enhance and adorn ourselves, but sometimes to make a statement of who we are. I find jewellery and accessories to be our personal ‘style decoder’. The way we dress and accessorise is a often a dead giveaway to our personality.

As for me, wearing bling has its occasion but my favourite remains handmade costume jewellery, and I have a soft spot for colourful wooden beads and colourful eclectic designs, a lot like the ones I make. Bling just makes me feel too stifled, and doesn’t quite suit my maverick style! A relative of mine once remarked that I wear far too much black, and she may be right. Perhaps the reason I do love dressing in black is so that I’m able to go wild with the mad collection of quirky pieces that I own, and let them do the talking instead of me. You could say I love my ears and neck region festooned with colour and texture (I’m the walking mood board), depending on my colourful moods, ha.

Here’s a quick look at one of my wooden necklace creations. I loved the colour of these amber beads but wasn’t rapt with the reverse side of the bead which had a visible fill gap where the bead may have been drilled previously, then filled, sanded down and varnished. The idea was borne for this necklace out of trying to hide the unsightly fill gaps. I love the end result.
The beauty of this wooden necklace is that it ‘moves’ as you wear it. The reverse amber side will show up every now and then as you move, displaying a wonderful contrast with the paper side.

wooden beads (before) outofman.com
wooden beads (before)
re-apply a few coats and leave to dry outofman.com
re-apply a few coats and leave to dry

If you haven’t mastered the art of making beaded jewellery yet, you could even buy a plain-coloured wooden necklace to dress up the way I’ve done here in this tutorial. The only catch is to get one that is relatively flat in order to glue your patterned papers on. It’s a fabulous way to make use of your scrapbook paper stash!What could be easier than this?

wooden bead necklace (after) outofman.com
wooden bead necklace being left to dry (after) outofman.com

Wooden Bead Necklace – using scrapbook paper

waxed cotton cord, black
small black button (for clasp)
wooden beads, amber (20 pieces)
scrapbook paper, assorted scraps
Mod Podge or glaze paste
Paint brush, water
Glue gun

circle craft punch outofman.com
circle craft punch

Select a few interesting patterned scrapbook papers and try to vary them for contrast.
Using a round circle punch, punch out circles of the various papers and play around with their positioning around your necklace to see if you’re happy with what you see visually.

Using a glue gun, dot glue onto the middle of each bead and paste a circle of paper on it, pressing briefly to adhere and let dry. Note: Never the other way around; never glue the paper itself, always the material first. Keep gluing each bead until you reach the last of them.

Get a paintbrush and dab a little water mixed with about 2 teaspoons of Mod Podge or glaze paste that dries clear—onto a plastic paint palette. Start brushing over the patterned circles carefully and extend the brush a little over the edge of the wooden beads to seal the paper as best as you can.

Let it dry to the touch and re-apply at least a second time or more to seal the paper fully, then leave it to dry over a few hours at least or overnight for best results.

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