Where’s Wally? Cake

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Where’s Wally? characters & illustrator Martin Handford

Where’s Wally? Cake
In my head I’ve always imagined funny English man, Martin Handford, creator of the ingenious Where’s Wally? ‘seek and find’ series of detailed double-page spread illustrations, to be a most eccentric personality with a wicked British humour to match. How else could an illustration artist dream up such chaotic, comic scenarios of utter mayhem depicting mobs of people engaged in a variety of amusing activities at a myriad of creative locations from the beachside to the cake factory and endless more.

where's wally cake  photo by Kat Ngoi outofman.com
where’s wally cake
photo by Kat Ngoi

Our eyes and minds are playing strange tricks on us as we’re taunted, absolutely unable to put the picture down until we fight our mates and our family members to be the first to spot a geeky-looking misfit in a distinctive red-and-white-striped shirt, matching bobble knit hat, and circular glasses with puny eyes and overgrown bangs? Cheap thrills, yet always, definitely always a thrill in our family!

Where's Wally? fondant torso photo by Kat Ngoi outofman.com
Where’s Wally? fondant torso
photo by Kat Ngoi

It’s inevitable. I always knew I wanted to create a Where’s Wally? cake and I did finally get down to it, for my husband’s 40th birthday, to his and everyone’s amusement and the kids’ delight. We also got him the paper costume mask for a great photo with this fun cake. It’s nice to have a laugh about turning 40, won’t you agree.

Where’s Wally? Cake:

White and Milk Chocolate Layered Cake dusted with Dutch cocoa
White chocolate spirals
Milk chocolate shards
Blue, red, white, black tinted fondant
Blue and red stars
Blue ‘festive ribbon’(fondant) curls
wrapped florist wire, white
Alphabet cutters
Numerical cutters

close up of Where's Wally figurine outofman.com
close up of Where’s Wally figurine
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