Vietnamese Coffee Ice-Cream

Are you just mad for coffee? I always am and I love many different styles of coffee. Ever since we gave up the cafe and restaurant, I’ve been missing my endless lattes. I use a Nespresso these days (yes I know, sacrilegious considering my hubby and I are qualified, trained baristas) but after the kids came one by one it’s just all the time we have–popping a capsule as our caffeine extraction. Anyway, I was saying–the best thing next to coffee must be rich, gooey, luxurious, unadulterated coffee ice-cream.

There are delicious ice-creams, and there are ridiculously delicious ones–the kind that is mind-shattering and just blows your aprons off. This is one such ice-cream I have to offer you. You’re going to be the hit of the town if you make it and make your guests beg you for seconds, then tell them they have to bring you some more great wine (or whatever it is you do covet) if you do. I’m here raising you my sundae spoon. High five ‘clink’ to yours and cheers. Whatever you do, don’t forget to get the right ‘Viet’ condensed milk. Nah, Nestle won’t do.

photo by Kat Ngoi
photo by Kat Ngoi

Vietnamese Coffee Ice-Cream / ‘Kopi’ ice-cream

2 TB instant coffee dissolved in 2 teaspoons of boiled water (enough to make a paste)
120gm castor sugar
3 egg yolks(beat with sugar )
200g full cream milk
300g pure cream
Steep & extract 2 TB viet coffee in a cup of boiling water photos by Kat Ngoi
photos by Kat Ngoi

2. Whisk egg yolks with sugar into a custard.
3.Gently heat full cream milk and cream in a small saucepan but do not let mixture boil (80 degrees is best)Let it cool slightly.
4.Filter the viet coffee (already extracted) into saucepan of boiled milk.
5.Add 2 TB instant coffee into boiled milk in saucepan.
6.Temper the custard with a ladle of bouled milk then add entire custard mixture into heated milk in saucepan.Stir and boil till 80 deg.
7. Pour into sieve sitting on container in an ice bath.
8.Add 1/4 cup condensed milk at room temperature, mix well with whisk
9. Refrigerate mixture for 4 hours or overnight then churn in icecream machine.
10. Enjoy the best coffee ice-cream you’ve ever tasted.

For extra aplomb, toss in some roasted pistachios, roasted almonds or your favourite nuts.

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