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Love Birds Cake|Wedding Anniversary Cake|Valentine’s Cake

Happy Anniversary, hon. This year we’re a pair of lovebirds. It’s ok, no one knows we squawk and screech when we ruffle each other’s feathers on the bad days but in the end our philosophy remains that which was so well said by Eva Gabor, “LOVE is a game that two can play and both win”. Lovely. Now I can go back to the business of describing the finer points of constructing this mini cake which will also be fabulous for a wedding cake topper, or even a Valentines cake.
For the tiny bunting and cake board cover I wanted a romantic and vintage ‘Cath Kidston’ feel, so I went for the pastel florals.

love birds mini cake|happy anniversary
love birds mini cake|happy anniversary

Love is all around with the main accents of this mini cake starring these starry-eyed lovebirds with their ‘pouty’ lips and their ‘heart-shaped wings’. Cheek-to-cheek and perched on a twiggy branch, you’ll spot a teensy weeny ‘love letter’ envelope on the left bottom of the branch. A gold-painted heart forms its base (Love is the only Gold isn’t it), covering the surface of the fondant-wrapped mini cake. The gold heart base is accented by another smaller ‘LOVE’red plaque with its top neatly ‘chewed off'(Take a bite of love..) and you’ll find it resting on the crown of the female bird like a red heart-shaped tiara. Now everyone together…”Awwwww”…

Tinted fondant in bright orange, light orange (add white), red, white, brown, green
Edible gold paint
Heart-shaped cutter in Large and XS
Stamps in L,O,V,E
Non-edible paper bunting
wooden skewers
small heart-shaped baking tin
6″ cake board, decorated with scrapbook paper

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