happy twenty fifteen (new year’s cake bunting)

For the first time in years I didn’t join the millions of revellers gathered in my special spot of the world counting down to the final seconds of 2014. While pyrotechnic displays and spectacular fireworks were going off in mammoth new year’s eve celebrations around the globe and loved ones were toasting, kissing, cheering and hugging, I was in my bed asleep like a sloth. I was oblivious to the momentous passage of time 60 seconds before the curtains descended on 2014 at the stroke of midnight and rose again this morning with the dawn of another new year, twenty fifteen.

It’s been said “Always remember to fall asleep with a DREAM…and wake up WITH A PURPOSE”. Like a giant awakened from its slumber, outofman.com is my comeback kid after what feels like a prolonged sabbatical. My first creative lesson of the year to share is ‘How To Make A Simple Bunting For Cakes’. It’s always a boon to use bunting…I call it my ‘add-instant-festivity-to-anything’ accent. As a rule, I have bunting streaming across my kitchen window and over my island bench tops and in my kids’ rooms. My other favourite way to flaunt bunting is over my cakes–why not get creative with cake decorations when you’ve spent considerable time and soul into your baking project? It really is about tossing it the ‘zoosh’ and ‘wow’, the real icing on the cake. In my pictured example I used scrapbook paper and glittered numerals, but I also love using a variety of colourful patterned wash tape across baker’s twine. Here’s a snapshot of one of my Father’s Day cakes with washi tape bunting.

washi tape cake bunting
washi tape cake bunting

As it is the first day of 2015,I’ve chosen a simple design using beautiful scrapbook paper featuring hot air balloons and glittered ‘2015’embossed stickers as a fabulous new year’s cake bunting. May you have a wonderful new year with your family in twenty fifteen, where the only way is UP!

Glittered number stickers & 'Hot Air Balloon' scrapbook paper triangle dec-cuts Ideal for re-use as scrapbook embellishments
Glittered number stickers & ‘Hot Air Balloon’ scrapbook paper triangle dec-cuts
Ideal for re-use as scrapbook embellishments

Materials Needed:
2 wooden skewers
Glittered Number Stickers
4 x small triangle die-cuts (patterned scrapbook paper;cursive calligraphy)
2 x large triangle die-cuts (hot air balloon print scrapbook paper)
hole puncher (for making 2 holes in top left/right corners of triangles)
string or yarn (I used off-white yarn)

Size: Top:4.5cm, Left/Right sides:5cm

Size: Top:5cm, Left/Right sides:6.5cm

cake bunting for new year's day
2015 New Year’s Day Cake Bunting on skewers

1. Cut 4 pieces of equal-sized small triangles, and 2 equal-sized large triangles.
2. Punch holes in both top left and right corners of triangular ‘bunting’.
3. String yarn through triangles starting with 1st large bunting followed by the numbers 2015 and ending with the 2nd large triangle bunting.
4. Tie strung bunting to 2 wooden skewers with pointed end facing at the bottom to insert into cake.

You may alter the size of the bunting and use any kind of patterned paper, or numbered stickers of your choice.

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