Green Tea Ice-cream

One of the most painful things about my moving away from Asia must be having to pine for all things made of Green Tea, or ‘Matcha’, from the most exquisitely crafted sweet matcha wagashi (Japanese confectionery) to iced green tea ‘frappucinos’. But yet none of these really makes me homesick like my favourite green tea dessert, Green Tea Ice-cream. I live for this and after much tweaking, I have finally concocted a beautiful recipe for matcha ice-cream at its best. I’m talking authentic Japanese-style flavour made from pure green tea powder, nothing like the creamy American or European styles of ice-cream or even Italian versions of green tea gelato. This is the real hard core Japanese style matcha ice-cream you’ll only ever get to taste in a Japanese restaurant. Last year my sweetheart bought me a Cuisinart ice-cream machine and it’s been one of my most treasured kitchen appliances ever since. It’s allowed me the freedom to keep a constant supply of my favourite ice-cream ever.

green tea ice-cream
green tea ice-cream

Green Tea Ice-cream (Matcha ice-cream)
2.5 TB fine ground green tea powder+1 TB sugar
120gm sugar
3 egg yolks
200 gm full cream milk
300gm pure cream

1. Mix green tea powder with 1 Tb sugar.
2. Whisk egg yolks with 120 gm sugar into a custard.
3.Gently heat full cream milk and pure cream in a small saucepan but do not let mixture boil (80 degrees is best)Let it cool slightly.
4.Dissolve the green tea powder with the TB sugar with a little boiling water and stir it till there are no lumps or grains.
5.Temper a bit of custard mixture with a ladle of the cream and milk mixture then gradually add the whole custard mixture into the cream and milk in the saucepan, bring to a 80 deg heat or till the back of a wooden spoon is coated.
7. Add dissolved green tea-sugar mixture and gently hand whisk all of the above. Sieve into a container that is sitting in an ice bath.
8. Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight before aerating in an ice cream machine.

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