Wedding Cupcakes

Bride & Groom Fondant upcakes
Bride & Groom Fondant upcakes

Celebrate your love by taking a wedding or anniversary dessert from the ordinary to the extraordinary with the unique addition of your caricatures! These almost 3-D bride and groom profiles are fully sculptured from tinted fondant and gum paste. A couple in love who’s truly meant to be have those lovey-dovey eyes that’s dreamily expressed in my design of these wedding ‘head shots’.

I had these wedding cupcakes made for our wedding anniversary 2 years ago to celebrate our 15th year together. I fashioned them as a twist out of one of my favourite romantic literary classics, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which meant the groom looks a little Mr Darcy-like while she’s my idea of Elizabeth Bennet. OK, they look rather befittingly English for the part. Chris thought they were far from looking anything remotely like us but relished my romantic notions. The white roses were fashioned out of white gum paste and a lovely contrast from the vanilla buttercream and scarlet hearts.

Which reminds me, it’s that time for another annual 2015 wedding anniversary cake creation!
Check out my love birds mini cake that was recently posted. If you like fondant figurines, have a look at Valentines giant cupcake with Momiji Lovers

Wedding bride and groom fondant caricatures
Wedding bride and groom fondant caricatures

generic face moulds
tinted fondant in skin, black, white, grey, brown, red
heart shaped cutters in Large and small
daisy-petal cutter in xs
stamps in L,O,V,E
white cachous
edible glitter powders (silver/pearl)
edible powder (rose)
food colouring marker pen

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