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Valentine’s Day Lovers Cake

Valentine’s Day Lovers Cake: Using Giant Cupcake Mould

Valentines Giant Cupcake
Valentines Giant Cupcake

Giant Valentine’s Cupcake (using giant cupcake mould)
Have you seen these dolls anywhere? Well I personally can’t resist these cute dolls, called Momiji (‘mom-ee-jee’), a collection of hand-painted wooden dolls inspired by Japanese anime/traditional Kokeshi dolls dressed in contemporary fashion. Every time I see them, they make me smile and I just want to collect the lot of them. They are known as ‘message dolls’ because each one has a little tiny space in its wooden base for the sender to insert a secret message. I love them so much that they inspired me to make this giant cupcake for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve bought a few of these actual Momiji dolls for my little B’s collection and she loves every one of her dolls. Inspired by them, I decided to sculpt my own pair of doe-eyed ‘Momiji Lovers’ dolls out of fully edible sugar fondant. They’ll forever live in my gallery of fame; two of my favourite cake art fondant figurines suitable for icing any Valentine’s Day, Wedding or Anniversary cake.

Here’s featuring a giant cup cake I baked and covered completely in fondant, with a white base that forms the ‘cupcake paper tin’ and a ‘chocolate cup cake’ iced with heart-shaped pink roses and butterflies. Romance is in the air with hearts and roses and butterflies in the tummy : )

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Momiji Lovers sculpted in fondant
Momiji Lovers sculpted in fondant
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